• Neurowaves

    During the brain's information process, the neurowaves are exchanged with electrical impulses. The electromagnetic oscillations, generated by these impulses, are called neurowaves. At the same time, our professionals, after years of research, have discovered through electroencephalograms (EEG) the most activated recordings of the brain and its different waves and frequency tuning forks. But, depending on the way the brain works, waves with certain characteristics dominate. Five main frequency tuning forks are highlighted, characteristic for any mode of operation of our brains.

    BETA RHYTHM; Frequency of 14-30Hz with a voltage of 5-30 mKV, which correspond to a good state of mind. This rhythm is characteristic for the frontal parts of the brain, in case of an activity of these neurowaves with hypnosis, they increase sharply.

    ALPHA RHYTHM; Frequencies of 8-13Hz with a voltage extended to 30-70 mKV. These waves are recorded in 95% of healthy adults. It is characteristic of the occipital parts of the brain and maintains the state of relaxation and increases subconscious mental activity.

    TETA RHYTHM; Frequencies of 4-8Hz and a very high electrical potential of 100-150 mKV with a high amplitude of waves. This frequency excels in stimulating memory and learning, assimilating universal realities and large amounts of information.

    DELTA RHYTHM; Frequencies of 1-4Hz with thousands of microvolts and external brain waves. Characteristic in mental connections with the world.

    GAMMA RHYTHM; Frequency up to 500Hz with very low amplitude. Characteristic in successful people since the influence of the brain with these frequencies allows people a maximum concentration and even attract good luck to their lives.

  • Binaurality

    Binaural beats are the brain's artifact of functioning in the brain, imaginary sounds, which the brain picks up, even though there are no actual sounds. To observe the binaural rhythms, it is enough to put on stereo headphones, in which signals are emitted to the different ears and specific brain parts. The brain perceives these frequencies as natural low-frequency latencies. For such latencies to be recorded in the subconscious of the brain, the tones must be no greater than 1000-1500Hz, and the difference in frequencies no greater than 25Hz. As there is a greater difference in frequencies, the person hears tones, voices or music separately. From the physical point of view it is a fusion of two waves, the phases of which periodically coincide, with which a collateral wave of low frequency is created that gets into the subconscious. Binoural rhythms are the object of research by neurophysiologists, particularly those who study the ear. Apart from this, binaural latencies influence the brain, causing waves, which can be recorded by an electroencephalogram. In everyday life this mechanism is used to determine the sources of sound, but when sound is emitted through headphones directly to the ears, the sound waves contribute to the synchronization of the functioning of both hemispheres of the brain. Something similar happens in the trance state through hypnosis or even deep meditation. Binaural beats can cause a certain brain activity in people and make them feel specific sensations.

  • Colority

    Sound is a wave in the air. Depending on the frequency of the wave, we perceive these sounds differently. It is considered that the consciousness of the average person perceives sounds in the range of 20-20,000Hz. Children more enlarged than considerably older people. These sounds combined with images of different colorational nature, such as subliminal images, flashes of colors through images or the brain impulse to certain colors, which as is well known, for example, red causes more anger in people and yellow takes effect. soothing on the human brain. Colors, through our visual sense, are not composed of a unit. Normally they are complex compositions of several waves of different light frequencies that our brain captures. Those images, which have the ability to unite all brain waves and prevail in our subconscious. The color white, frequently used in hypnosis through a spiral (for example) sends to our brain a uniform spectral power of frequencies and dispersion, similar to infinity, creating a random stationary process to the brain. It is defined by the formula 1 / f, that is, the signal is proportional to the frequency. Unlimited white color by frequency is possible only in theory, such as "nothingness" and has unlimited power.


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