Milto Erickson (Milton H. Erickson; 1901-1980) was a very prestigious American psychiatrist specialized in medical hypnosis.


Erickson gained world fame as one of the most outstanding and best practical psychotherapists. His approach to modified states of consciousness was the basis of an entire pathway known as Erickson's Hypnosis. Erickson's Psychotherapeutic model served, among others, as the basis for neurolinguistic programming (NLP).


From childhood, Milton was an extraordinary child, for example he began to speak at the age of 4. As a teenager, he suffered from polio and was tied to a wheelchair. Not wishing to be in such a state for the rest of his life, he developed a subsystem thanks to which he was completely cured. The development of his methods of liberation from his own illness led to the development of a new avenue in psychotherapy called Erickson's hypnosis. This hypnosis is based on the entry into a trance and the use of a particular hypnotic language, which differs by vivacity and richness of images.


Erickson created the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and became its first president. For years, he directed the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychopathological Association. He was a member of the American Psychiatric Association. His name is related to the founding of the fund and research under the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis. Erickson's approach, like many other American psychological technologies, became very popular in the world in the 1970s to 1990s and was considered one of the most progressive in psychotherapy. Nowadays, NLP specialists claim that they precisely develop Erickson's hypnosis methods effectively.


Multitudes of Erickson's articles and books appeal to not only professionals, but also newbies to the field of hypnosis and NLP. Recordings of his lectures and videotapes of his seminars are republished year after year and attract new and new students to Dr Erickson's school.


Erickson's hypnosis method differs from the classical one with its indirect approach; the therapist gives the patient neither instructions nor directives, but helps him to enter a trance state, in which the person's consciousness is awake and he can communicate effectively with the therapist. In this rather superficial state, it can be introduced to practically anyone who does not have central nervous system conditions, mental disorders, etc. In this state, the person will mix the focus of the attention of the external environment within himself, he concentrates on his spiritual sufferings and for a time he stops perceiving the surrounding reality. From the outside, this looks like he's "not here" as he will have his eyes half closed, his breathing slowed, and his body very relaxed.


Erickson considered the trance as a natural state of the person, which is needed by the mind for the treatment of inner experience. He said that most of our life is determined by the unconscious. This means that all the experience of the spiritual sufferings of the person, accumulated up to the present moment, influences his behavior, the way of thinking and feeling. He also believed in the ability of people to change, using their own stored experience, of which they did not even suspect. According to Erickson, the changes of the unconscious could happen for example when receiving a new and considerable experience, training, knowledge of such people that can give them a strong impression. One of the main elements of Erickson's therapy were the so-called training stories. They are fine stories with content of a very important meaning for the patient (often from the patient's own life experience), which the psychotherapist told his patients, who had already entered a trance state. Some of these stories represent excellent examples of the art of mental conviction and can be read in the book "My voice will stay with you."


Erickson's ideas were highly valued by scientists in developed countries and today his methods are beginning to dominate in psychotherapy and hypnosis.


Wide possibilities that Erickson's hypnosis opens up in Piscotherapeutic medicine. The usual psychotechnics increase their effectiveness many times, if they are carried out in a trance state. This happens because in such a state the role of control of consciousness is absent, which slows or even blocks the process. Taking this phenomenon into account, the possibility opens up to work with psychosomatic illnesses, on the basis of which a serious neurotic disorder is found and with which in a normal state of consciousness, the patient simply does not have the strength to fight. The trance state gives the possibility of working selectively with the healthiest mental layers of the psychic, without touching those affected and gradually cultivating the necessary health resources. This use was what caused the cure of Dr Erickson and later it was extended to all areas of life beyond health. For example self-confidence to flirt, "luck" in gambling, "luck" in love ...


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