The first mentions of the hypnotic influence appeared more than 3000 years ago. It was used by the Coribantes of Ancient Egypt, India, Tibet, by healers of the East and later Ancient Greece and Rome. The very term "hypnosis" was first used in 1943 by the English physician James Bryad, who showed that by paying attention to a shiny object, the body and mind go into a peculiar state. The word hypnosis comes from the ancient Greek "hypnos" or dream.


It is the natural state of mind on the border of sleep and wakefulness, the person is in it, when he wakes up and when he falls asleep. To reach this state it is characteristic that the consciousness and the subconscious are active at the same time, when the brain is in the other two working states, they go out to the first level in turns. First the subconscious in the dream and later the consciousness in the waking state.


Hypnotic trance as the method of therapeutic influences is several thousand years old. Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists demonstrated that its effect is impressive when solving problems of a wide spectrum.


At present, treatment with hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is actively used in cases of overweight, nervous disorders, depression, fear, lack of appetite, mood swings, anxiety states, psychological and physiological complexes, sleep disturbances, sweating excessive, nausea and dizziness, psychosomatic illnesses, such as ulcers, asthma, drowning ... In the case of men, millions of them have turned to Hypnosis for the treatment of Impotence, Premature Ejaculation or fear of women among others. Millions of people in the world have stopped Tobacco, Alcohol, Gambling and Internet Addiction, Sex and other narcotic substances thanks to hypnosis.


With the influence of hypnosis on the person, many myths and prejudices are related. Many expert people have used these means for their own benefit such as rapes, robberies, scams ... subjecting people to their will. Many experts consider hypnosis to be harmful and a dangerous method of influencing the human mind and psychic. Being able, the experts in hypnosis, manipulate the will of the mind to be able to do evil.


If we put mysticism aside and look at things from a scientific point of view, the following could be said about hypnosis; The hypnotic trance is one of the natural states of the human brain and its functioning. It is just as natural as the states of sleep or being conscious and awake, with this, almost all people can undergo hypnosis (except for the mentally retarded, psychiatric patients, or drug addicts among others), however hypnosis has other contraindications that are not They could use people with schizophrenia or other acute reactive states.


It is important to understand that regarding hypnosis it is not a magic cure for patients since it only facilitates the entry into a state of incredible resources that the human brain has and that otherwise would be impossible to access, the result of a perfect hypnosis It depends first on the person to be hypnotized and his will and the professional abilities of the hypnotist or hypnotist.